1. Image:  Applicatoin Management, Akin IT Services, Web Design, Website DesignIs your business model driving application strategy or is it the other way around?

  2. Are your application development strategies adapting to changing market ecosystems?

  3. How are you coping with shifting market trends–such as business differentiation, time-to-market and operational flexibility?

  4. Have your previous vendors leveraged collaborative ideas and techniques to keep your applications on the cutting edge and help your business compete at the highest level?

  5. Are you receiving maximum ROI on your application strategy investments?

What should you do?


You may want to consider Custom Application Management services from Akin IT Services, part of the world’s largest full-service IT integration network with over 15,000 certified IT professionals.

Solutions and Services

Following are some of the Custom Application Management services available through Akin IT Services:

Application Consulting Services. Analyze your current application suite and understand how to address specific process failures, unmet needs and opportunities.

  • Enterprise Architecture Consulting. Define an architecture strategy to guide selection, implementation, operation and evaluation of technologies within your organization.
  • Product Assessment. Functional and package assessments of your current application architecture–includes GAP analysis to identify critical needs.
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Flexible design principles integrate your applications with organizational business processes.
  • Security. Services include:
    • Threat Modeling
    • Authentication & Authorization Strategy
    • Vulnerability Analysis & Control
    • Data Protection.

  • Feasibility & Requirements Analysis. Evaluate a series of solutions for guidance in your decision-making process.
  • Performance & Scalability. Services include:
    • Performance Modeling
    • Code Optimization & Review
    • Performance Testing
    • Capacity Planning.

Image:  application management, akin it services, Web Design, Website DesignCustom Application Development. Build a custom application suite to meet your specific operational requirements. Services include:

  • Requirements Discovery. Identify and define precise requirements in critical technologies to guarantee your end goals are satisfied.
  • Application Design. Design services to modernize and optimize your application, database and dataflow architecture.
  • Development & Deployment. Iterative design processes maximize production quality and shorten delivery time.
  • Mission-critical Testing. Thorough, realistic testing procedures guarantee your applications meet requirements.

Application Migration & Modernization – Mainframe & Legacy Systems. Seamlessly transition your applications without losing critical data.

  • Modernization. Transition from your legacy applications into dynamic, cost-effective and business-centered systems to better run your business.
  • Migration. Safely transfer structured or unstructured content–and the applications that support them–into upgraded, enhanced or modernized IT environments.

Application Integration Services. Implement your application strategy and your organization will enjoy more efficient business processes immediately.

  • Enterprise Application Integration. Enable integration of systems and applications across the enterprise to improve organizational efficiencies.
  • Electronic Data Interchange. Safely transfer your structured and unstructured data into upgraded, enhanced or modernized IT environments.
  • Business Process Management. Become a more efficient, more effective and more agile organization and align your business processes with the wants and needs of your clients.

Independent Validation & Verification. Quality assurance testing that will meet or exceed your industry and organizational standards.

Plus more!

If you have custom needs or projects that are “outside-the-box,” Akin IT Services is part of the world’s largest full-service IT integration network and can provide specialized IT services to keep your business running smoothly.