1. Image: Cloud Computing, Akin IT Services, Web Design, Website Design, IT SevicesAre you storing and maintaining – and paying for – more IT hardware and software than is needed to efficiently operate your IT environment?
  2. Can you optimize utilization of IT assets and still create a friendly work environment for users?
  3. Are you ready to move to a cloud environment, but don’t know if a public, private or hybrid cloud is best for your business?
  4. How can you tell if a SaaS model even makes sense for your company?
  5. Has your corporate green initiative been applied to your IT environment?

What should you do?


You may want to consider Virtualization/Cloud Computing Services from Akin IT Services – part of the world’s largest full-service IT integration network with over 15,000 certified IT professionals.

Virtualization / Cloud Computing Services

Following are some of the Virtualization/Cloud Computing services provided by Akin IT Services:

Cloud Computing.
Implement an internet-based computing platform and provide shared resources, software and information to computers and other devices on-demand to reduce cost and improve efficiency, reliability, accessibility and information management. Cloud computing services fall into three categories:

  1. Public Cloud. Utilize a service provider’s hardware and software from a remote location – often accessed through an Internet connection – to reduce operating and maintenance cost of onsite equipment and mitigate the risk of losing information.
  2. Private Cloud. Deployed inside the firewall and managed on your hardware and software to enhance accessible and security of sensitive information and automate system optimization processes.
  3. Hybrid Cloud. A combination of hardware and software resources available on-site and remotely responsive to the needs of your organization.

Some of the Cloud Computing services offered by Akin IT Services include:


  • Assessment. Evaluate your current IT system, information requirements, and business processes and identify opportunities to implement a cloud computing environment.
  • Planning. Develop a transition strategy to enact a cloud computing environment specific to your organization’s needs with minimal disruption to business processes.
  • Implementation. Migratedata and processes within your organization to enable a cloud computing platform.
  • Management. Customize, maintain and optimize your cloud.


Image: Cloud Computing, Akin IT Services, Web Design, Website Design, IT SevicesVirtualization. Strategic consolidation of IT resources allows for denser computing, lowers acquisition and maintenance costs, requires less power and cooling and achieves a smaller physical IT footprint.

  • Full Assessment. Understand your system requirements, usage, interoperability and process flow to identify virtualization opportunities.
  • Planning. Develop a cohesive, holistic virtualization strategy across your IT infrastructure.
  • Pilot. Test your strategies on a small scale to optimize the virtualization process.
  • Implementation. Implement changes across the enterprise to reduce complexity, improve flexibility and achieve a comprehensive virtualized IT environment.


Software as a Service (SaaS). Remotely access on-demand applications for a variety of business processesto minimize cost, deliver maximum ROI for your organization and operate a greener IT environment.


  • Planning. Evaluate your current applications suite and business needs to identify opportunities to implement SaaS.
  • Enablement. Migrate your legacy applications and processes to SaaS.
  • Customization. Optimize your SaaS to improve user experience and operational efficiency.
  • Support. Maintain and enhance your Saas to support organization strategies and business processes.