Most CRM Outprices The Small Business Owner.
Image: CRM, Contact Relationship Management, Akin IT Services, Web Design, Website Design, IT SevicesEvery business owner knows that communicating with their customer base is of critical importance, but most Contact Management Systems aren't affordable for the small business that has 1-5 users. Our solution is for "the little guy" to give you CRM without the ridiculous licensing fees.

Our CRM Solution Provides The Benefits Of The Largest Solutions.
Unlike other CRM applications, our solution is set up so your sales team can conduct all of their business without ever leaving the application. Many of the great day to day features in our solution include:

  • Email client.
  • Fully functional calendar that creates historical record of interactions.
  • A fully integrated website with tools to capture potential client interactions.
  • Solution designed for easy importing of previous records from previous solutions.
  • Development of interactive workspaces designed to share data with teams and subteams with your sales professionals.

Share Important Documents With Your Team.
Our solution lets you not only store documents online, but additionally enables single click sharing with individuals or team members.

A fully Portable CRM System.
With most CRM systems, you are required to install new software and equipment in order to have access to your CRM solution. With our solution, there is no equipment to buy, no software to install and no licensing fees to pay for small businesses.

Create Marketing Campaigns.
With this online solution, your small business will not only be able to track day to day activity, but is easily available to utilize with incorporated marketing tools.