There are two things we know as a fact at Akin IT Services. 1st, every hard drive on every computer will eventually crash. There's nothing you can do about it. 2nd, 8 out of 10 people will suffer because they didn't have a recent backup (or any backup at all) of their data. Every year, 43% of all computer users lose important and irreplaceable financial documents, emails, photos, music files and other data due to computer failure.

Image: Disaster Recovery, Akin IT Services, Web Design, Website Design, IT SevicesThat can all be changed now! Protect your files from disaster with the most affordable program on the market for disaster recovery - Carbonite! Akin IT Services proudly announces our partnership as a reseller of a program that we not only believe in, but have used and seen the proven value of over the last few years. As users of the product, this is one piece of software we can tell you (from experience) works perfectly. Here's some of the benefits of Carbonite on your computer.

Offsite Backup - Backups of all of your files are stored on Carbonite's secure servers in a location off-site from your location. Having a backup schedule is great, but if it's backed up to a computer located in the same building you are in and there's a catastrophic occurrence such as a fire or flood, it's rendered useless. With Carbonite, that never happens.

Data Backup In Real Time - A lot of companies and individuals have backups of their data that run nightly or on a weekly schedule. But what happens if disaster strikes in between backups? Basically, what happens is you lose all data from that point back to the backup. Not with Carbonite. Carbonite runs in the background of your computer at all times, and immediately backs up your documents in real time. When you make a change and save it, Carbonite backs it up on the spot. Never again will a catastrophic failure happen to your computer with Carbonite.

Versioning - Follow this example. You are working on a document. You make changes and you save it. Then you don't come back to it for 3 days. When you do, you determine that what you really need is the data from 4 days ago before you made the changes. What do you do? With Carbonite, you just log in and restore the document from that day. Carbonite automatically saves versions of files for every day in the last week, as well as another version for the month, 2 months and 3 months. With all these versions, it's simple to recover a document where changes that occurred need to be reversed.

Unlimited Data Storage - Simply put, Carbonite does not cap how much data you can store, nor do they charge you by the gigabyte. The more you work, the more you back up. If you have your musical library on your computer, it's backed up completely. The same with your pictures. The same with your important documents. The same with your local database, and the same with any other kind of document you may have. And with all of this data, you never have to do anything extra to get it backed up. Carbonite truly is a solution where you "install it and forget it".

System Restore - By far, the best feature of Carbonite. With just a few clicks, you can restore all your backed up files, some of your files, a single file, or even a specific version of a specific file. And it's easy. No longer do you have to dig through backup tapes to find your specific data. You simply log on, press "Restore", the the system what you want restored and get out of the way. The system does the rest for you. It's that simple with Carbonite.