Image: EFax, akin it services, Web Design, Website Design, IT SevicesGone are the days when you had to install a special line and a special piece of equipment to fax a document from your location to another. The old days of computer "handshakes", with all their noise as one fax machine connected to another are long gone. In the 21st century, the best solution on the market today is an E-Fax solution. At AKIN IT SERVICES, we've teamed up with the industry leader for internet faxing solutions, EFAX, to provide you a solution regardless of the size of your business or the frequency in which you fax documents.

AKIN IT SERVICES is a proud partner of EFAX, as the provide the following services to customers in need of a better fax solution for their home office, corporation, or teams within their office.

  • No hardware to buy.
  • No installation of phone lines required.
  • No Messy Toner Cartridges To Replace Or Refill.
  • Lifetime online storage of your faxes for convenience.
  • Ability to Fax directly from your PC. No more necessity to print documents to Fax.
  • Choice Of Local Or Toll Free Fax Number.
  • Pre-Built Fax Address Book For Adding Frequently Faxed Numbers.

With all these features, isn't it worth a try to see if this new-aged solution is the right fit for your business? Click HERE to sign up for a free 30 Day Trial of EFAX today!

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