1. Image:  Health Care Services, Akin IT Services, Web Design, Website Design, IT SevicesAre you struggling to find meaning in “meaningful use”?
  2. Is your quest to be HITECH compliant resting on unknowns–requirements, budget, solutions, etc.?
  3. With millions of dollars set aside for HITECH audits, what systems can you trust when you are personally liable for patient privacy and security?
  4. How do you achieve balance between HITECH security compliance and interoperability in your systems to mitigate data breach risks?


You should consider Healthcare Services from Akin IT Services, part of the world’s largest full-service IT integration network with over 15,000 certified IT professionals.


Following are some of the Healthcare Services available through Akin IT Services to help keep your organization achieve ARRA-HITECH compliance:

ARRA-HITECH Services. Evaluate and understand your readiness for ARRA-HITECH funding by performing a gap analysis on your current state and known requirements.

  • Subject Matter Experts. Benefit from the collaborative experience of the network as SMEs in the healthcare industry evaluate your organization for ARRA-HITECH compliance.
  • ARRA-HITECH Planning. Design workflow, business and clinical processes that align with industry best practices to become compliant with ARRA-HITECH standards.
  • ARRA-HITECH Recommendations. Understand what it takes to establish processes that meet the standards of “meaningful use” in your organization.
  • EHR Implementation. Implement your strategies to meet standards for “meaningful use” to qualify for ARRA-HITECH funds.

Privacy & Security. Meet ARRA-HITECH encryption requirements compliance and mitigate the risk of mandatory penalties and notification terms for data breaches.

  • HIS Services.IT services for a broad spectrum of HIS systems – including EPIC, Cerner, Meditech, Eclypsis and McKesson. Services include:
    • Project Staffing and Management
    • Software Configuration
    • Software Installation and Operational Readiness
    • Quality Assurance & Testing
    • Software & System Upgrades
    • Business Process Consulting 3rd Party Integrations
  • EHR/EMR Adoption Services. Assess, define and implement EHR/EMR adoption strategies to meet ARRA-HITECH compliance requirements.
  • ARRA-HITECH Compliance. Perform a gap analysis on your current state and known requirement and make recommendations to achieve ARRA-HITECH compliance.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Implement quality transaction processing through standards-based data exchange and achieve ARRA-HITECH compliance.

  • 5010 Services. Assessment, planning and implementation services to help your organization transition to HIPAA 5010 compliance with minimal disruption to business processes.
  • SNOCAP Services. Format transaction set data to achieve compliance with SNOCAP standards.
  • Interoperability Assessments. Evaluate the integration of your organization’s information systems and provide recommendations to improve communication and achieve HITECH compliance.

Other Healthcare Services

Following are some other Healthcare service offered by Akin IT Services that you might be thinking about:

Image: Health Care Servcies, Akin IT Services, Web Design, Website Design, IT SevicesVirtualization. Strategic consolidation of IT resources allows for denser computing, lowers acquisition and maintenance costs, requires less power and cooling and achieves a smaller physical IT footprint.

  • Full Assessment. Understand your system requirements, usage, interoperability and process flow to identify virtualization opportunities.
  • Planning. Develop a cohesive, holistic virtualization strategy across your IT infrastructure.
  • Pilot. Test your strategies on a small scale to optimize the virtualization process.
  • Implementation. Implement changes across the enterprise to reduce complexity, improve flexibility and achieve a comprehensive virtualized IT environment.

Custom SharePoint Solutions. Advanced SharePoint functionalities and features catered to healthcare organizations enhance business processes, improve communication and collaboration, boost productivity and simplify user experience.

  • SharePoint Starter Package. Includes all necessary consultation, setup, training and documentation needed to get SharePoint implemented in your organization.
  • Metadata-based Security. Allows per-item security with SharePoint by setting permissions and controlling document access through metadata properties.
  • Taxonomy Classifications. Stronger, automated classification of documents provides enhanced search capabilities, ensures accuracy and improves search times for users.