1. Image: Information Management, Akin IT Services, Web Design, Website Design, IT SevicesIs your current Information Management System overwhelmed and unable to produce comprehensive insight from your ever-expanding data?
  2. Have you integrated your information across disparate IT systems to capture a collaborative view of your company’s critical information?
  3. Do you have an information dashboard that lets people from different departments easily access critical information across the enterprise?
  4. Are you controlling access to critical information to keep it in the hands of the people who need it and unavailable to everyone else?
  5. Has your corporate green initiative been applied to your Information Management System?


You may want to consider Information Management Services from Akin IT Services, part of the world’s largest full-service IT integration network with over 15,000 certified IT consultants.

Solutions and Services

Following are some of the Information Management Services available through the Akin IT Services network:

Regulatory Compliance. Strategies and procedures to collect, archive, manage and protect information in your organization tomitigate risk and provide fast and accurate responses to legal inquiries.

  • Records Management. Create, implement and enforce standard policies to manage file plans, retention schedules, legal holds and auditing.
  • Information Classification. Automate organizational processes to utilize unstructured data and information.
  • Content Assessment. Simplified, user-friendly processes to collect, explore and draw meaningful insight from unstructured content.
  • eDiscovery. Track and manage your electronic information – including emails, instant message chats, CAD/CAM files, websites, and more!

Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence. Organize your data and implement simplified processes to connect people to the information they need to make better business decisions.

  • Information Strategy. Understand how to use business intelligence to support specific business processes.
  • Data Warehousing. Optimize data storage for reporting and analysis.
  • Data Mining. Analyze collected data and predict trends to transform your data into usable information.
  • Information Analytics. Analyze raw data and draw meaningful conclusions to promote effective decision-making and advance business processes.

Image:  Information Management, Akin IT Services, Web Design, Website Design, IT SevicesEnterprise Information Portals. Create a single access point for your legacy, packaged and web-based applications to manage user experience, promote collaboration, ensure compliance and establish order and predictability to your critical information.

  • EIP Strategy. Analyze your current systems and interoperability requirements to leverage the collective power of your information.
  • EIP Governance. Create and enforce processes to effectively utilize information without breaking industry compliance standards.
  • EIP Design. Create a simplified user interface to lets users quickly search, collect and analyze data.
  • Architecture Development. Implement your information portal across the enterprise.
  • EIP Evaluation. Test your system and evaluate opportunities for improvement and custom solutions.

Enterprise Content Management. Integrated data management helps you manage growth, ensure performance, retain the highest quality data and comply with privacy requirements to maximize effectiveness in your business systems.

  • Data Governance. Establish processes to manage and oversee data.
  • Data Architecture. Structure your data to efficiently collect, archive, search, analyze and protect data.
  • Metadata. Manage data definitions and information about data to optimize search functions and data retrieval.
  • Data Quality. Ensure your data is accurate, complete and compliant with industry and legal standards.
  • Data Security. Limit distribution and set authorization levels within your organization to meet compliance standards and protect your data.

Enterprise Resource Planning. Incorporate industry best practices to create a roadmap that integrates your data to identify business drivers and produce useful information in a simplified format for more informed decision making. Automate your data process to reduce paper and support green business initiatives.

Plus more!

If you have custom needs or projects that are “outside-the-box,” Akin IT Services is part of the world’s largest full-service IT integration network and can provide specialized IT services to keep your business running smoothly.