Commercial VOIP Telephone/Data Service - The Future Is Now.

Image:  VOIP, Voice Over Internet Protocol, Akin IT Services, Web Design, Website Design, IT ServicesTraditional telephony service is one of the most major expenses that any company incurs. Akin IT Services has partnered with one of the major VOIP providers to reduce your costs for telephony and data services. Let us see if our services can save your organization money.

  • FACT - our service generally reduces a corporations telephone costs by 50%.
  • FACT - our customers include many of the biggest corporations in the world!

Varied Plans Geared To Your Needs.

Our VOIP provider has multiple plans designed and implemented to meet the exact needs of your company. Whether your company has 2 employees or 2000, we can provide a cost effective, proper telephony and data plan. Plan Ahead For Your Future. Regardless of if you are actively looking for a new telephony provider, or are looking ahead to when your current contract for telephony/data ends, Akin IT Services will help you plan your next move into the world of VOIP.

Data & Telephony Made Easy.
Akin IT Services has teamed with specialists in the field of VOIP and digital network trafficing to bring you the best service, including:

  • VOIP Service.
  • Network Pipes From T1 to DS3.
  • Customized Telephony Packages.
  • Reduction of Telephony Costs.
  • Reduction of Data Distribution Costs.